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Alana M. Galloway

Writer | Freelancer | Editor


Alana Galloway is a writer with a background in journalism, creative and academic prose. She holds an M.S. in Journalism from Columbia University and a B.A. in English from the University of Michigan, where she double minored in Digital Studies and Entrepreneurship.

Alana has worked as a freelance writer, editor, and beta reader for 3 years. Her experience spans from ghostwriting and book editing to beta reading and tutoring. She has helped over 100 writers polish up their books and dozens of students with their college applications and academic essays. Moreover, Alana's journalistic experience ranges from public service and philanthropy-oriented editorials to PR press releases, technological pieces, lifestyle blog posts, and entertainment articles.

Alana additionally has a background in franchising and marketing, working first at ViacomCBS on the Franchise Planning Team and then at iHeartMedia in Campaign Management.

She is an avid reader and a prolific writer. Alana self-published two children's books in 2020 and is working on a thriller novel in her free time. 

Please feel free to contact Alana with freelance work or inquiries.

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